Work Placement at Pierre Frey


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I have recently finished a four week work placement at Pierre Frey, a French luxury design house. I was really lucky to find such a lovely place to work, with a really friendly and supportive team.  I was an assistant in the fabric showroom, based in Chelsea Harbour.  While I was there I was lucky enough to meet Pierre and Vincent Frey as it was London Design Week.  From doing different tasks it gave me a chance to learn about the different techniques they have in their fabric collections.  I was always fascinated by the embroidery in their fabrics and found the different types of hand stitch and machine stitch really impressive. I really enjoyed my time there and found it really rewarding.

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Displays and Installations


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This is a selection of images taken from windows and displays from various locations in Paris and London. I found these particularly interesting because of their use of mixed media and materials, it fascinates me how they can incorporate the two so seamlessly to create these amazing installations. I particularly like…

IMG_20150210_105519IMG_20150211_202304 IMG_20150314_161620 IMG_20150314_161701 IMG_20150210_181901 IMG_20150211_160614 IMG_20150211_161831 IMG_20150210_110919 IMG_20150210_105330 IMG_20150104_184204

Embellishment Inspiration


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On a recent trip to Paris and Galeries Lafayette my attention was brought to the amount of embellishment found in fashion.  I was really interested in the range on techniques that I saw and the intricate detail involved.  Being a textiles embroidery student it really makes me look and appreciate the work gone into pieces like these.

IMG_20150210_110140 IMG_20150210_110126 IMG_20150210_104828 IMG_20150210_104932 IMG_20150210_104815 IMG_20150210_104513 IMG_20150210_104753 IMG_20150210_104447 IMG_20150210_104416 IMG_20150210_104433

Darning and Stitching


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These images are from my last project where I based my work on the word ‘Remote’.  I really enjoy darning so for this project I focused on using the technique.

100_3977 72dpiI created a wild flower stencil and used cross stitch to create different sections.
100_3981 72dpi My darned variations of the colour palette.100_3984 72dpi100_3988 72dpi My darned flower using different threads and techniques to create texture.
100_3987 72dpiMy stitched interpretation of falling seed heads.
100_3993 72dpiI created a 3D form to represent a seed head and used the embellisher for the base material.
100_3994 300dpi 72dpi To create this piece I painted my fabric and used free machine stitch to create the pattern.100_3990 72dpiThis is a section of a sample using the technique darning.

Fabric Manipulation


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Here are a selection of images of samples I have created for different projects.  I have manipulated the fabric using different techniques and I like how all of these samples have turned out.

20141130_153517_Richtone(HDR) 72dpi

To create this piece I stitched folds into my work and then cut into them to create a textured look. I then added strips of materials to create an area of dense fabric.  

100_3876 72dpiFor this sample I have used the technique foiling to create the metallic pattern.  I have then tucked a stitched the fabric creating different thickness’s.

100_3872 72dpi

I used the bottom of my shoe to create this pattern, painting it and using it as a stamp. I then used the shapes that I could see to inspire me and manipulated the fabric by stitching and drawing into it to create a intricate piece.

100_3881 72dpi

To create this piece I hand smocked it but added my own twist by not doing it the traditional way and experimenting with the technique.  I then used the foiling technique over the top.

100_3886 72dpi

This is a hand smocked piece that I had foiled onto first and then stitched.

Print and Weave


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In my first year at university I experimented with print, weave and embroidery.  I then chose to specialise in embroidery, however I found I enjoyed both print and weave as well.  Here are some examples of my work I did for those two pathways.

100_3945 72dpi

I added wire into my weave to create a 3D effect.

100_3958 72dpi

My prints were inspired by the patterns on the bottom of shoes.

100_3963 72dpi

 My weaves were inspired by my prints and patterns.

20140916_123515 72dpi

I experimented with different colours and papers.

100_3954 72dpi

This is a full weave that I created using a variety of yarns.

Sketchbook Work


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These are selected pieces of work taken from my sketchbooks for a range of projects representing a range of skills I have learnt.

100_3903 72dpi

This is not my own image but one that linked with my theme.  From this I created a colour palette using other images varying the proportions of colour to represent the image.
100_3904 72dpi

Here is an example of my colour mixing skills, adding white to one colour and black to another.

100_3906 72dpi

Again this is not my image but I found that it related to my project.  From looking at this, I selected some fabric I thought may link in and a few colour chips that correlated to the image.
100_3913 72dpi

This a structure I created by cutting up an image and weaving it together to see what patterns were formed to give me inspiration for future samples.100_3916 72dpiThis is a double page spread showing some fabrics I dyed trying to create a good variation of colours.